Infographic: Why Choose BC Wood?

Unison Windows & Doors - Why Choose British Columbian Wood

We’re celebrating BC Day here a Unison Windows and Doors with a data-rich infographic that discusses the benefits of buying BC lumber. Wood has been a hot topic in the architectural community for the past few years, and we are proud to have local advocates like Michael Green informing the public about the benefits. We support the use of wood, and we also support the use of BC Wood. The lumber available in our province is protected under some of the most rigorous protection programs in the world. In fact, we have more forest certified than all of the United States of America! Our certified forests help to guarantee that any harvested land will be minimally impacted, and will be restored to its original forest coverage. The lumber that we yield largely benefits our economy, bringing wealth to our communities and residents.

Why Choose British Columbian Wood