Infographic: What is a Low-E Coating?

Unison Windows & Doors - Blog20131104 - What Is A Low E Coating?

How are Low-E coatings able to reduce energy costs by as much as 12-27%? The answer can be fairly complex, but harnessing a basic understanding of the technical details can impact a window’s performance to create a more desired outcome. There are different types of coatings, and each one has a different effect on which […]

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Infographic: TDL vs SDL vs Mullion

Unison Windows & Doors-Blog20131024-TDL-vs-SDL-vs-Mullions

If you have ever had the opportunity to draw windows in a proposed building, you might have come across the problem of what thickness to give to Divided Lites and Mullion, and how to draw the detailed section for each. It is a detail that would only be obvious if you are directly involved in […]

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Infographic: Why Choose BC Wood?

Unison Windows & Doors - Why Choose British Columbian Wood

We’re celebrating BC Day at Unison Windows & Doors with an infographic that discusses the benefits of buying BC lumber. Wood has been a hot topic for the past few years, and we’re proud to have local advocates like Michael Green informing the public about the benefits.

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