Unison Windows and Doors selects only the finest material from forest certified suppliers ensuring products originated from sustainably managed forests. To further our commitment to sustainable living, our products exceed the BC Energy Efficiency Act requirements.

Wood is the most sustainable material that can be used for windows and doors: it is renewable, it stores carbon dioxide, it can last a lifetime if properly maintained, and any waste generated doesn’t harm the environment.

In addition to using the most sustainable material, we are a progressive company open to integrated design – we prefer to offer our knowledge early on in a project to minimize mistakes, waste, and cost.

Unison was featured in Western Living (Jan-Feb, 2010), as a prominent component in Allan Peters’ energy-efficient design of a West Vancouver residence. Our latest glazing and “Low-E coating technology” applied to the windows and doors combined with incorporating their use of natural materials provided an essential element for the homes’ sustainable design.

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