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Accoya Wood is sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured using a non-toxic process.  New to North America, the product is a result of more than eighty years of research and development. ‘Accsys Technologies’ in the last 10 years developed a cost effective method of production resulting in extensive use throughout Europe as a building material and has found its usefulness in many outdoor applications including bridges such as The Moses Bridge and The Sneek Bridge in the Netherlands.

Accoya Wood is a revolutionary product that has changed perceptions and the reality of wood as a building material The process known as acetylation uses a chemical called acetic anhydride, which reacts with moisture in the air to form acetic acid (vinegar). Developed by ‘Accsys Technologies’ through extensive research, acetylation is a certified non-toxic process that essentially “pickles”  the wood, penetrating completely through boards up to 3” thick thereby changing the molecular structure of the wood resulting in  outstanding characteristics such as :

  1. Dimensional stability – outperforms woods such as teak, sapele, ipe, meranti & western red cedar ( Dutch Research Institute, SHR)
  2. 60 year service life – expectancy of 60 years when used for windows & doors (BRE – Building Research Establishment) in Watford, UK.
  3. External coatings lasting up to 9.5 years  without maintenance ( SHR Timber Research in the Netherlands)
  4. Durability Class 1– exceeds teak (New Zealand Research Institute Ltd.)
  5. Improved thermal performance- 17% more than typical softwoods & 40% more than typical hardwoods (Buildcheck – British Fenestration Rating Council)
  6. Insect barrier – indigestible to terminates and many other insects and microorganisms (Louisiana State University test)
  7. Sustainably sourced – (FSC & PEFC certified)
  8. Non-toxic – certified to European standard EN 113
  9. 100% recyclable – can be safely incinerated for bio-energy or composted (Accsys Technologies – Material Safety Data Sheet)
  10. Low carbon footprint – substantial reduction in greenhouse gas compared to PVC and aluminum (Camco UK & TU Delft conducting using ISO 14040 process)
  11. Warranted against rot and decay for a lifespan of 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground (Accsys Technologies )

For more information on Unison Windows & Doors Accoya products, download one of our brochures below:

Accoya Wood Information Guide
Benefits of Windows & Doors made from Accoya Wood
Accoya Exterior

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