Unison Windows and Doors works closely with glass suppliers to ensure that each pane meets and exceeds the latest B.C. Energy Efficiency Regulation requirements, to further our commitment to sustainable living.

Our glass finishes are flexible to each application, and some options include: obscured, tinted, figured, tempered, beveled or laminated.

-Hardcoat or Softcoat Low E coatings-Argon gas fill
-Single glazed for interior panes
-Double or Triple glazed – minimum glass thickness is 3mm/3mm and increases with size of unit in accordance with the Code requirements.
-Spacer bar color options include: black, aluminium, grey, white. Optional spacer bar types available on request.
-Insulated glass units consist of a dual seal process available in silicone or polyurethane. -Installation of units includes C.S.A. approved closed cell foam tape on both sides of the units, providing sealed expansion and contraction to maximize life span. Additional sealing processes are provided for high wind and rain conditions.

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