Outswing Tilt & Turn

Unison has collaborated with UBC’s Wood Science Department and the German Rosenheim Wood Technology University to develop a unique wood window system tailoring European technology to answer North America’s call for Outswing Tilt and Turn windows.

Outswing Tilt and Turn windows keep interior spaces functional while the windows are open, and allow for proper fit and function of curtains, blinds, screens and other window treatments, designed to suit our North American lifestyle.

The Out-Swing Tilt+Turn Window has been independently tested to the NAFS standards and has reached impressive results for a window sized 3’-2” wide x 7’-8” tall. It has successfully achieved a PG50 grade with the following air-water-structural ratings: A3, B7 (720Pa or 15 psf), C3 (3600Pa or 75 psf). Furthermore, thermal simulation testing to the CSA A440.2-09 standards have shown that the Tilt+Turn window can achieve a metric U-value as low as 1.20 W/m2K with triple glazing.

Hardware design permits a single handle that enables the window to tilt at the top for draft-free ventilation or turn outward like a traditional casement window. Its multiple concealed locking points provides superior stability and protection. Unison’s unique manufacturing capabilities provide architects and designers with the freedom to select complementing interior wood species and finishes, which tie in seamlessly with other interior elements such as flooring and cabinetry.

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